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Friday, July 4, 2008

Still celebrating Eternal Beauty in Black

Greetings readers,

We're still alive and kicking. We're going to try to keep the blog going and hopefully build a nice database of wonderful links for you to check out for strong black women in film, tv and literature. Lately we've been really getting back into reading and there are some great reads popping up here and there. The sci-fi channel was on a role with shows featuring beautiful women, some of which you can see on our actresses we love to watch sidebar.

Interracial romance is still climbing at an amazing rate thanks to a flurry of ebook publishers acquiring a nice amount. Red Rose Publishing has become one of my favorite new epublishers for IR fiction as well as Parker Publishing.

If you're looking for a compiled list, check out author Pat Cromwell's database here:

There's also a new site centering around free IR fiction reads featuring AA females as leading ladies. That can be found here at The Chamber:

I have to say it's pretty refreshing to read lots of fiction that feature black women as everyday people, living and loving life. We're not a monolith, we're as diverse as any other folks out there and I like to see this in my fiction, especially with women who look like me. It's funny I'm finding myself reading more fiction online at The Chamber and at the forum Sweetest Taboo than the actual books I buy. Probably for this very reason that celebrates black female leads.

A new epublisher is also coming up entitled Wicked Women of Color Press. Interesting name hehe. In any event they are a strictly multicultural/ir romance epublisher which I am really excited about. They will be strictly invitation only but have an open query policy now until August 15th. So if you're an author you may want to get on the submissions!

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