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Monday, August 4, 2008

Campaign for Real Beauty

I'd like to take a moment to kudos Dove for their real woman movement and self esteem fund. They've posted a few viral videos to show how 'under pressure' girls are today with all the images of perfection they're bombarded with.

Some facts:

Girls today are under more pressure than ever. More than 90 percent of girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with body weight ranking the highest.

The Dove Self-Esteem Fund was established to inspire and educate girls about a wider definition of beauty and is committed to reaching 5 million girls globally by 2010 with self-esteem programming.

This fall, Dove plans to release a National Self-Esteem Report to provide additional information to help Dove better understand the issues, causes and outcomes of low-esteem -- as well as the most powerful change agents on a national and regional level.

Thanks to the support of influential women globally, Dove has already reached 2 million girls and conducted nearly 2,700 educational self-esteem workshops since 2006.

This video in particular shows it:

Within the theme of images in the media impacting women, it reminds me of the recent short film A Girl Like Me by 17 year old Kiri Davis who recreated the famous doll experiment of the 1940's by psychologist Dr. Kenneth Clark.

Also check out this inspirational video response to A Girl Like Me.

It's a tragedy what we're doing to the young girls of our generation with skewed media messages. Many men are buying into this image thus causing girls and even women to uproot their lives in order to catch their attention. Much to the sacrifice of their self esteem and well being. Dove is one company that has taken the initiative to start workshops in an effort to raise self esteem in young girls today in an effort to block the constant media distortions of perfection. They also posted this video to show what goes on in their workshops.

*Fangirl moment* Yay Aisha Tyler!

Big kudos to Dove for aiming their efforts at young girls of all shades and ethnicities.

Another campaign has been going on as well. EBB mentioned the My Black is Beautiful campaign last year and it has since gone into full effect. features videos, a downloadable discussion guide and events for the tour. If you're on the east, they'll be hitting your area! For the entertainers out there, Pantene is offering an opportunity to be featured in a magazine ad.

On a completely shallow note, I'm so happy to see Dove and Pantene focusing their efforts this way as they are my two favorite shampoo and conditioner products (fabulous for moisture renewal in one's hair ;-)). Plus one even has a line aimed at women of color!

Stay tuned as I'll be offering more news and goodies to help the movement and spread the message of true eternal beauty in black.


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